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NEW! 2435/2410, 2485/2410.

PP cake tray bottom
In order to avoid bottom damage in contact with cake and in order to reduce costs of confectionery manufacturers spend on napkins, as a solution the company proposed to replace material for cake tray bottom 1430 from PS to PP.

Aluminum foil packaging
RosanPak JV is offering aluminum foil packaging to its customers. With and without lids, rectangular and round, with compartments and without, deep and not very, of any size, shape and volume. Containers made of aluminum foil are intended for heating, cooking, storing, transporting, freezing, and consuming food. Packaging is absolutely safe for human health and the environment.

New cake form
New! New cake form 1630/1632. Exterior dimensions: d248 mm, height 107 mm. Volume: 3885 ml. Material: PET / PS. Packed: 450 pcs per 1 box.

New extruder
In 2017, the equipment park of the company was replenished with a new extruder. This made it possible to offer the customers another kind of material - PET of own production.

20 years RosanPak JV!
20 years! On February 2, 2018 RosanPak JV is 20 years old from the date of its foundation. The company team thanks to all its partners for succesful cooperation, wishes success and hopes for its continuation in the future.

Packtech Expo Balkan 2016
Attention, Exhibition! JV RosanPak Ltd is honoured to welcome you to visit us on the exhibition 15th Packtech Expo Balkan 2016, INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR OF PACKAGING MATERIALS,MACHINERY AND FOOD PROCESSING EQUIPMENT, which will be held on September 28 - Oktober 01, 2016, by the following address: BELGRADE FAIR, BELGRADE, SERBIA Hall 1.

New form
NEW! form 4337»».

New form

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