Your individual packaging 

One of the distinctive features of “RosanPak” is its own instrumental production with up-to-date equipment which makes possible to execute the whole pre-production technological process (including press-form manufacturing) in the shortest terms. As a result we can fill any unique and exquisite order.

Our technical department makes constructional design and produces packaging according to the individual order taking into consideration all wishes and requirements of the customer.

At the first stage our specialists develop all necessary technical documentation and approve overall dimensions (sizes) with the customer. According to these toolmaker’s shop carries out all cutting, turning, grinding, locksmiths works which are required in order to produce a new press-form. The last one is made of the high quality materials. That’s why it can be effectively used for a long time. It is also possible to modernize press-form taking into consideration customer’s remarks and wishes. And only after the customer approves reference pattern (first samples of the future product) all works concerning press-form production begin.


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