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RosanPak Company was founded on February 2, 1998 with the support of the well-known Canadian plastic packaging manufacturer. Starting with a small team, the company has grown to a large modern enterprise, becoming a leader in the field of packaging in the Ukrainian market. RosanPak activities have been repeatedly celebrated at prestigious Ukrainian and international exhibitions. The enterprise was awarded the highest distinctions of Ukrainian and European business and received a certificate of quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001-2015. By gaining consumer market, RosanPak has created a wide sales network across the country, which has 6 representative offices in Ukraine, and has expanded its export business to many European countries.

Today, in fact, there is no industry in which the company’s packaging would not be used. The production base of the company consists of the park of the most advanced thermoforming machines, and is constantly renewed by new ones. This allows us to make packages of any complexity and to fulfill the most demanding individual customer orders regarding the packaging design. In particular, this type of service has been introduced, such as applying 6-color plastic printing and a relief logo to the customer, which ensures the exclusivity of the package. The design is also developed by specialists of the company, who will provide qualified advice on the drawing and packaging design, if necessary.

A definite factor in RosanPak is the availability of its own tool production with modern equipment and equipment, which allows the specialists of the enterprise on their own and in the most urgent time to carry out the entire technological process of preparing a new type of production and the manufacture of molds.

In August 2007, the company began work on a newly built modern plant that meets all European requirements and provides all the necessary conditions for expanding existing production facilities, introducing new modern packaging technology and capturing new segments of the packaging industry.